DIY Travel Map Pinboard

For the longest time I’ve been obsessed with the idea of capturing my travels with more than just photographs. I decided to make my own DIY travel pinboard map after being inspired by other variations on Pinterest, which in total only cost me around £50 including the frame. I spent ages trying to find the right style of map I wanted to fit with the rest of our decorations, and something that would stand the test of time. After some researching and lots of figuring out the best way to put these things together, I’m really happy with the result and can’t wait to add more pins to the map of our travels as time goes on. Keep on reading below to see how I created the inboard map, and how you can make one of your own!
I decided to settle on an antique style political map, in A1 size so you could really see the titles of each country and allow for space to add in map pins. It’s up to you what size of map you would go for, but the smaller the map the harder it will be to read the place names!
To start you will need:
– A1 3-5mm foam board/foamex
– An A1 print of a map of your choosing
– Spray mount
– A1 Frame
– 3mm map pins of various colours
After debating whether I would mount the print onto foam board or cork, I quickly realised it was very difficult to get a specific size of cork board, and indeed one that would be thin enough to fit in a frame, but thick enough to hold the 3mm map pins. Instead I opted for an A1 piece of foamex, which is slightly more durable than foam board, but either would work.
Once you have both the print and the foam board, it’s time to spray mount the print onto the foam, but make sure you do this outside or in a well ventilated space with some newspaper on the floor, spray mount sticks to everything! Don’t worry if you don’t get it stuck on perfectly the first time, because it does peel off if you’re quick enough and you can re-lay.
After your print is mounted to the foam, it will instantly dry so you can begin pinning. We have a range of coloured map pins, one colour each for where we have travelled separately, and another colour for places we have travelled together. Be careful not to push them so far through that they come through the foam, they will sit just half way in and still stay there.
The hardest thing was getting the entire thing into the frame without crumpling up the corners. If things are getting too tight it might be worth removing the glass from your frame allowing the pins to come through, and just settle on the frame.
Let me know if you have a go at making your own pin map, I’d love to see your DIY’s on it!