Last weekend in celebration of finishing at my old job, and news of getting a new job, me and Luke headed out for dinner at Edinburgh’s Harajuku Kitchen. It’s somewhere we had wanted to try for some time, we had tried their food before on Stockbridge Market and it lured us into their restaurant in Bruntsfield. The restaurant itself is quite small, and you definitely need to make a booking to get in, especially for a weekend, as these guys are in high demand! Price wise I would say it was standard city prices with main dishes around the £9-£15 mark, though for the quality and variation of ingredients and fresh produce I didn’t think it was too bad. The most expensive things are any of the Japanese alcoholic drinks due to import costs.

Mentally preparing myself against the struggles of using chop sticks (honestly, I don’t know how I’m so bad!) I ordered the teriyaki chicken which came in a tangy yet sweet teriyaki sauce, and with some pork dumplings on the side, they are literally my favourite thing when it comes to Japanese food. Being someone who doesn’t eat fish the sushi looked amazing, although I couldn’t comment on taste, they did offer vegetarian/none fish options in the form of sweet potato rolls or an avocado based roll, but I couldn’t justify the price of £8.95 on these. Luke was a little more adventurous than me, going for the fish sashimi with rice, which looked amazing with all the colours but the thought of raw fish just didn’t do it for me!

Persevering with my chopsticks I like to think I became a lot better at using them throughout the meal, and hopefully now this will be the start of our Japanese food experience for when we go to Tokyo in two months time! Feeling it would be a shame not to have dessert, we pushed on and went for the coconut ice cream, which comes looking like tiny coconut balls in a kind of sticky rice outer with the coconut flakes pressed around the sides, and Luke got the mini fried apple pies which were amazing and I definitely wished I had gotten the same, with a side of green tea ice cream.

Have you ever been to Harajuku Kitchen? Are you a fan of Japanese food?

Louise x