Living in the UK the weather is always a tricky thing to prepare for. There have been many times where I have looked outside at gorgeous clear blue skies with sunshine, stepped out to be greeted by heavy rain and even snow only hours later. Dressing for the winter to spring transition period is one that I always find to the be the most tricky. Seeing the snowdrops come and go with winter, and the daffodils come into full bloom for spring, I feel optimistic to ditch my thick winter coat and go down to my trusty faux leather jacket layered up with a chunky scarf, or to wear my rain mac trench coat on rainy days.

Dressing in layers over the weekend, I’m styling this bold print skirt from Primark, which I thought was an absolute steal of a find and a bargain at only £8, it’s thick enough to layer up paired with my plain white vest tee, some super thick tights against the wind, my boots are from Ted & Muffy with block wood heel, and faux leather jacket from H&M.

What are your favourite things to style for the winter to spring transition?

Louise x